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Q: Which end-user device can I use innsbruck wireless with?

A: You can use innsbruck wireless with practically every WLAN capable end-user device, which are compatible with either 802.11(b) or (g) standard.

Q: Which operating system can I use innsbruck wireless with?

A: Use of innsbruck wireless is not bound to an operating system.  You can access innsbruck wireless using any WLAN capable end-user device.

Q: How do I establish a WLAN connection to innsbruck wireless?

You can find instructions under the respective hyperlinks for the most common operating systems Windows XP and Windows Mobile. 

Mac OSX automatically provides innsbruck wireless as an option in the "wireless network connections" menu, which is located on the top-right of the menu bar next to the time.

Due to the diversity of the distribution offered, we would like to refer to Ubuntu only by way of example for establishing a connection using Linux.  Here, the necessary modifications can be set via the start button under System / Network.  Depending on the distribution, Linux should display the identified WLAN networks.  If not, please search for a network using the SSID "innsbruck-wireless"

Q: My Computer is showing that no network is available, although I am in the service area.  Why?

A: It could be that the network is not available in some places, as these may be located in a radio shadow.  We are working continually towards complete coverage; however lapses in connection may occur on account of radio wave disruption at house walls, as well as the shadowing effects of reinforced concrete walls.

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