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innsbruck wireless

Connnect using Windows XP

This is how you establish a connection to innsbruck wireless using Windows XP:

If you are not connected to a WLAN, you will see the symbol for wireless network connections on the bottom-right shown with an additional red X.

Use the mouse to click on this symbol; a new window will appear. Now click on "Refresh Network List".


An area should now appear, in which "innsbruck-wireless" is shown. If you cannot find your computer in this network, then you are probably located outside of our service areas.


Now click on "connect". You PC will then establish communication with the network and automatically register itself as a computer in innsbruck wireless.
Close all of the windows and subsequently open the internet browser.


You will automatically be redirected to the innsbruck wireless home page, from where you will be able to visit the freely available websites or register yourself for extended use.




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