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innsbruck wireless

How does it work?

innsbruck wireless operates as easy as pie and without a lot of effort. Simply activate the WLAN function of your device and you'll receive the signal, provided that you are in the service area. You can find further information here.

As soon as you receive the signal, you can surf on the online portal. However, please take into consideration that it is NOT a blanket-coverage signal. As long as you are in visual contact with a broadcasting transmitter, you should always receive a signal. Nevertheless, due to spatial circumstances, it is possible that you may lose the signal if you move away from the broadcasting transmitter. Please always pay attention to the signal indicator on your device.

You can find the most up-to-date information about innsbruck wireless and other useful links, which provide further assistance, from this portal. The innsbruck mobile website offers essential information about places of interest and eating out.
This offer is free of charge and can be used without restrictions by anyone at anytime. Activation is required in order to use the whole of the internet. A fee is required for this service.

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